Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cherished items put away... Maybe it was a pair of earrings her sister sent for her birthday or that broach she wore on her best suit. Small items that made her feel good when she saw them. Beloved treasures that she kept in the velvet lined case in the top drawer of the bureau. These adored pieces are now reborn into a new shape... a new look that will strike a new note and become a new love. Found Treasures offers timeless elegance and energy that has been redefined for a new customer.

The one thread that is the basis for my design concept is understanding women... what they love, what they want to wear and what makes them feel good. Today I take great joy in creating one of a kind jewelry items that women will cherish. I find great passion in combing antique stores and estate sales to find that one special item that will be the inspiration for a new piece.


Prices: $45 to $65 plus shipping

Got an old piece that you would love to give new life? Send me an email to discuss your treasure.

Thanks for looking.

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